Cast of Characters

The Eldest (5 years old)

He enjoys reading, asking questions you need an advanced degree to answer, and annoying his brother.  His best friend is a piggybank named "Norbo." Norbo goes everywhere with us. He also "sleeps" under Eldest's pillow with his plastic piggy snout sticking out, judging. It is unclear what the meaning of this behavior is or what the therapy costs will be. (For Eldest. The pig is on his own.)

Red (4 years old)

Our redhead was born a middle child. Even when he was "the baby" it was as if he was terrified we would forget about him. To be sure this does not happen he alternately cries a lot and acts super goofy to get attention. He also has a startling fashion aesthetic. (I think this is so that we can find him if all else fails and he becomes lost and/or left behind.) The grubby, blue blanket he calls "Wooby" is his best friend. Red enjoys finding the goofiest way to accomplish any task, overreacting, and annoying his brother.

Baby Girl (One Year Old)

This child might just be the most pleasant human being on Earth. She loves to watch her brothers, play with her hands, and just generally be adorable. Both of her brothers worship her. Eldest loves to teach her important things like how to wash her hands. Red has never indicated that he minds any attention she receives, even at his expense, because he is too busy trying to make her laugh. I hear that girls are great until puberty, but that is sooooo far away and we are not going to worry about it now. I don't even know why you brought it up.


Teri said...

Too cute. You've got a beautiful family.


There Must Be A Third Option said...

Thank you!