Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Baby Girl

I do not write all that much about my Baby Girl, do I? One reason is that it is easier to write about the boys. The things they say are hilarious. I type the crazy that comes from their mouths, post it to the blog, and I look like a comedic genius. Done and done. But Baby Girl is only 9 months old, so I actually have to do some work to write about her, find the words to do her justice… Phew!  I am exhausted at the thought.

There is other reason, besides my laziness, that I do not write about her much. She is my baby girl. Mine. And I want to keep her to myself. Especially since my husband is now an “altered animal” as the veterinarians say and she is my last. (Although Eldest did have a classmate with a baby sister to prove that these things are not always the permanent solution we think they are.)

Instead of writing about her, I have been spending my time waiting on her hand and food while enjoying that I am the center of her world. (Yes, she has a father, brothers, grandparents, etc. who adore her every hiccup, but I prefer to ignore that and focus on me. Just go with me on this one, please?) When Baby Girl wanted to go anywhere, I took her. When she needed something, I figured out what it was and gave it to her. Now all that is all starting to change. Baby Girl began crawling. She pops up unexpectedly in rooms where I know I did not put her. She says “no” and calls me “Mum Mum.” It was a bittersweet moment for me today when I heard her say my name (sweet) and then bust in on me in the bathroom (bitter).

Whether I like it or not, my baby is growing up. She is showing her personality more and more and needing me less and less. I guess that means that I have more time to post her shenanigans online for all the world to see. Lucky for me, she is showing all the signs of following in her brothers’ hilarious footsteps. This baby is a trip!

First, I have to say that Baby Girl is beautiful, with blond hair, blue eyes, and chubby little cheeks that beg to be smooched. But just in case there was any chance of getting a swelled head about it, she cut her canine teeth. ONLY her canine teeth. As she babbles away to her dolly, you see this adorable baby. Then she catches sight of her mommy and gives a big smile. “Oh look, a vampire.”

She loves to give hugs. Baby Girl crawls over and flings herself at your feet. As she is clutching your ankles and rubbing her face on your toes you realize it is a hug. This is particularly amusing when she tries to hug her BFF, That Baby In The Mirror. “Bitch just head butted me! Oh well, maybe I should try to hug her again. Ow.” Tehehe. Swearing babies are funny.

Baby Girl rarely cries. Eldest tried some sort of 5-year-old acrobatics, failed, and smacked heads with her. He was weeping openly and she just looked confused. “I don’t think that was what he meant to do. Why is a lump forming on my head?” Don’t worry. She cries when she gets shots, so she doesn’t have that weird “superhero” disease where they don’t feel any pain. She is just happy.

Don’t get the idea that my girl is a pushover, however. She has a thing about her mom and her food. If one of the boys is on my lap she crawls between us and issues a firm “nein” emphasized by a hand to the face. (I wonder how she learned German. The internet?) And there was the time that she cried until her daddy gave her his cheeseburger. Once he handed it over she was all smiles.

There. I have shared a little bit about my sweet Baby Girl with you and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. As a matter of fact, I kind of liked it.




Anonymous said...

She sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing her!!!

Teri Biebel said...

Feel free to share again soon. Preferably when she's big enough to pick on the older brothers. :)