Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Texts I Sent Husband In The Past Five Days

With the power outage, staying with my parents, and my dad being in the hospital, I have had some interesting information that I have needed to pass along to the Husband. Why make a phone call and explain the situation when you can send a ridiculous text, I always say. Here are some of my favorites...

# 5. Neighbors’ tree hit our house. We have no power. Yay.

# 4. Come home! Basement is flooding!
# 3. We are at my mom’s. Come there if you want to see us.

# 2. Come home (to my mom's)! My dad needs a pacemaker. He wants ME to tell my Mom!
 And the absolute most ridiculous text I sent my husband...drum roll, please...
# 1. Remember how you told me NOT to use the washing machine until you hooked it back up or the basement would flood AGAIN? I didn't. :)


Teri Biebel said...

LOL Sounds like you've had a helacious week, girlfriend. So glad your power is back on. Hoping the basement doesn't have too much damage and that your dad is back and feeling better!

How did your mom take it??

There Must Be A Third Option said...

Pretty sure Dad went to the hospital to get some peace and quiet...that was my mom's reaction too. :) Luckily, he is just fine.